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Mapping antibiotic resistance 

This poster was my final project for Health GIS, at Macalester College with Prof. Eric Carter. It was presented at the 2018 Midwest Undergraduate Geography Symposium. 


About the Project 

This project was inspired by my recent reading of I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong. Microbes are incredibly small (obviously) and so mapping them on a large scale isn't necessarily incredibly practical. However, through this project, I learned a lot about spatial data analysis, visual storytelling, statistics, and research into antibiotic-resistant superbugs. 

About the Process

This was one of my first really large storytelling pieces for a class. I fell in love with mapmaking for its visual storytelling potential, and integrating these maps with writing and graphics was a really exciting experience for me. This was also one of my first times exploring Adobe Illustrator (for the graphics) even though I did the whole layout in Photoshop (which was a terrible idea). 

Close up 1.png

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