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For those that want to support this project, it costs me around $2 per mailed print. If you'd like to help me pay for shipping my venmo is @dioishh & paypal is

Love Letter to

Water Protectors Print 

I began this drawing as construction on line 3 finished and oil began to flow. The resistance to line 3 over the past years has been fierce and incredible and I feel very honored to have been a part of it. 


I will mail this print to any water protector that wants one as a token of my love and appreciation for them and their work protecting the land and water that gives us life. I'm honored to be building better worlds with you. 

I finally feel ready to publicly share this project I have been working on for some months now. I’ve been putting it off since writing about it is hard, but the seasons are changing and I am reflecting on where I was a year ago. A year ago the final permits for line 3 were approved by spineless politicians who are threatening all of our futures for the sake of continuing the status quo. A year ago a new phase of direct action against active pipeline construction & environmental destruction was beginning. Some of us had been doing this for years, some of us were experiencing this for the first time. 


I have so much love for each of you. 


Those of you who braved the weather and climbed tripods in the freezing cold and scorching heat. Those of you driving all night and waiting to help friends out of jail. The ones cooking meals for each other and organizing food and supply runs across the state. The ones who spent literally hundreds of hours in planning meetings and created resistance gatherings of thousands. Those telling the stories, leading songs and dances, making artwork. Those doing scientific research, leading legal battles, and everyone trying new tactics. 


This is what it’s all about — building a better world step by step, with everything we have.


The pipeline is built, irreparable harm has been done to the land, the climate, and our collective futures — but this isn’t an art piece about all the anger and rage and exhaustion i feel — just love for all of you, and a recognition of this period of time. 


I don’t feel as if my words get anywhere close, so here is some art, from my hands & heart to yours. 

Love Letter _ Dio.png
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